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Golden Hops

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(Humulus lupulus aureus) This variety featured beautiful yellow foliage and is grown as a stunning ornamental. The bitter flavor of the highly aromatic cone like flowers is used to flavor beer.

These fast growing herbaceous vines quickly cover wires or a trellis to make an attractive screen, decorate an arch, or provide shade against a sunny wall. They can grow over 20’ in a season, dying back to the ground each year
in most climates. Space plants at least 8’ apart. The bitt
er flavor of the highly aromatic cone-like flowers is used to flavor beer. They thrive in a rich well drained soil and the cones are ready for harvest in the fall. Young shoots may be used in salads or as an asparagus substitute. USDA Zones 4-9. 

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Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Is the aureus variety definitely edible and should the shoots be harvested as they emerge from the ground or can they be taken from the ends of longer stems?

    They are edible yes, but it depends on what you're after. Hops is a cluster of vines, mostly grown for the "top" or blossom and either eaten or used in brewing. The stems can also be eaten, in which case you harvest it like asparagus while the blossoms are immature. Either way, you should wait at least 1 full year (allow it to grow, blossom, and die back for the winter) before cutting the plant or you may exhaust it's root system early. The first year tops can be harvested by hand without damage to the plant.

  • Can I still plant your hops plant at the end of July.

    You can plant whenever you like, but planting in hot temperatures requires a lot of extra irrigation while the plants establish. 

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