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Orders placed today will ship on our last truck of the season, scheduled to ship out the week of 5/23. Bareroot items are for Pickup Only.
Orders placed today ship on last truck of the season, scheduled the week of 5/23. Bareroot items are for Pickup Only.
photo contest rules
2020 photo contest

Raintree is now hosting an annual photo contest, to showcase our customers success with Raintree plants. Winners will receive a store credit prize, as well as recognition on our website and catalog. As a mail order nursery, we love staying in touch with our customers and sharing their projects with the world over email, social media, and print.

Entry Categories & Prizes:
  • Best Berry$75
  • Best Fruit Tree$75
  • Best Nut Tree$75
  • Best Vine$75
  • Best Blossom$75
  • Best Food$75

Send your photos via email to with the subject line "Photo Contest"

  • 1Photos submitted must include the name of the variety of plant (i.e. Winecrisp Apple, Caroline Raspberry, etc.)
  • 2If possible include the year it was planted.
  • 3A "plant biography" must be submitted describing where you live, why you chose that variety, and what is your favorite thing about that plant or gardening in general.
  • 4Multiple photos may be submitted.
  • 5Raintree Employees will vote on the winners of each category
  • 6Contest submission period ends on September 30, 2019.
  • 7Winners will be announced by October 31, 2019.
  • 8Photos must be in jpeg format.
previous winner photos
terms and conditions

All photographs submitted may be used by Raintree Nursery for marketing and promotional content. The same photos may be submitted multiple contests in a row.