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Allegheny® Paw Paw

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Asimina triloba 'Allegheny®'

Allegheny® Paw Paw boasts remarkable flavor and yields, with fruit up to 0.5 lbs in weight if thinned early. Distinctive creamy-yellow flesh provides a sweet, delicious taste, and Allegheny® is the first of the Peterson Pawpaw™ varieties to ripen. While smaller and higher seed-to-flesh ratio (8%) than most of Peterson's introductions, the flavor and early ripening of the fruits made customers push Neal into introducing this variety!

This variety starts bearing early and sets large loads! Thin carefully and completely to increase fruit size. Hand pollination will increase fruit set, alternatively, adding a small pile of decaying meat to the base of each tree just before blooms open will bring in the flies and beetles that pollinate these unusual trees. Shade from direct sun during first 2 summers - even mature trees may benefit from afternoon shade in hot climates. Also protect young trees from slug and snail damage. Requires at least 2200 Growing Degree Days (GDD) to set and ripen fruit.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Chill Hours Needed: Unverified; most require between 100 - 400 hours

Mature Height: 10'-15'

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade in Hot Climates

Ripening Time: Late/Fall

Pollination: Need Pollinizer

Click here to read our Paw Paw Growing Guide

Size: 5 1/2" Band Pot


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