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Almond Portobello Garden Spawn

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 (Agaricus subrufesens)

This mushroom is favored as a culinary and as a medicinal mushroom. It grows best when mixed in with your compost or a bagged compost and manure product and then used as a mulch around your plants. It also grows well on pasteurized straw. (A way to pasteurize your own straw is to soak it completely underwater in cold water for a week.) It is a warm season mushroom. Keep the bag of spawn refrigerated until late spring when you can plant it out and it will fruit during the summer and fall. It also grows well in a tote and will produce more quickly than in the garden. 4lb bag of spawn.

Size Options: 1 Mushroom Kit


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  • I'm allergic to almonds. is this mushroom safe for me to eat?

    Absolutely. Almond is a reference to it's color, not it's flavor or contents.

  • How big a tote is necessary for a 4# bag of spawn? Will it perenialize and produce year after year? Do you leave the tote lid on the tote outside during the summer or remove it? Do you need to punch holes in the bottom of the tote or is the water retention required?

    Portobello is easier to grow in a tray than a tote, roughly 16 square feet and 6 inches deep is fine to start. Larger trays will take longer to innoculate and thus longer to fruit. If kept moist and refreshed with steralized substrate (portobello like manures best) they will produce again and again. Indoor growing conditions are favorable as direct sunlight can dry out your substrate quickly. Drainage is required.

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Rebecca Y.
In Progress

I “planted” the spawn 1 week ago, and the mycelium has started to spread, so I’m hopeful!