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Spring 2024 Shipping Has Begun! Order Now!

Antonovka Apple Rootstock

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A Russian suckerless apple rootstock that produces a full-size, 25' to 35' tree. Hardy to -50F. Wide soil adaptability. Produces large, yellow/green edible apple, similar to Granny Smith, if allowed to fruit. Bloom group 3.

Size: 1/4 Inch


Ask a Question
  • How susceptible is the Antonovka rootstock to fire blight?

    Antonovka Kamenichka has not specifically been tested for fireblight. Some growers report it to be very resisitant, but no formal study has been done. Antonovka is known to be very cold hardy and resisitant to apple scab.

  • Should I purchase two Antonovka in order for the tree to produce?

    Antonovka is a bloom group 3 apple and will need another, different, apple from a compatible bloom group for pollination. Check out our apple growing guide for more details!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael G.
Antonovka Apple Rootstock

I ordered 16 Antonovka rootstocks this spring. At my request Raintree sent them a few weeks early which I really appreciated. I bench grafted most of them with very good results. My Wolf River grafts were especially vigorous, several grew over two feet this year which I did not expect here in SE Montana. As a rookie grafter I was very pleased.

Antonovka Rootstoc is fantastic

This past spring, I ordered some Antonovka rootstock from Raintree.

I am happy to report that 3 months later, all rootstock is still alive. I even stuck some of the cuttings and they are doing well.

The rootstock successfully took to Arkansas Black apple, Winesap apple, Granny Smith, Woolf river apple and even an Asian Pear. These grafts are head and shoulders above the grafts on M111.

I will order more next year.

Olga N.
Well developed roots

This rootstock apple had well developed roots but several very thin stems above ground. I will have to wait a year or two for it to be ready for grafting. Mostly, I plan to let it fruit for its wonderful apples. This is a popular heritage winter apple from Russia that ripens during winter storage. Too sour for American taste to eat straight from the branch but excellent baked or pickled.

Roger L.R.
Antonovka Root stock

Put a graft on them and Planted, just waiting to see if they grow.

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