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Arbequina Olive

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Olea europaea 'Arbequina'

A heritage Spanish variety of fruiting olive, originally identified in the 1700' from the village of Arbequa, this attractive evergreen tree is self-fertile and early ripening. It is prized for both the olives and the oil. Easily the most cold-hardy variety available. 

A Spanish variety of fruiting olive, this attractive, small evergreen tree is self fruitful and early to ripen its small, green fruits that will mature to a deep mahogany brown. It is prized as an ornamental plant for its rugged good health, strappy grey-green leaves, clusters of tiny creamy blossoms in late spring, and the hard, green fruits that can ripen in long-summer areas with hot weather.

Fruit will set in most full-sun locations; if growing in a pot, you can bring it inside if fruits do not quite ripen before cold weather sets in. Arbequina is the most cold-tolerant fruiting variety, withstanding temps down to 5F.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 7b

Mature Height: Slowly To 35'x 25'

Sun: Full Sun/High Heat

Ripening Time: September/October

Pollination: Self Fertile

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • How tall are the trees typically when they arrive?

    Roughly 18"-24" but sometimes larger

  • I live in Astoria and am looking for a variety that could spend its life in a pot. Would this one work?

    Yes, this variety can live in a pot full time!

  • Will this olive (or any others you offer) do well in a maritime climate (NW Oregon coast)?

    For the purposes of preserving (curing) they ripen enough most years, but to eat fresh they will need a greenhouse.

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