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Pasha™ Arctic Beauty Kolomikta Male Kiwi

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Actinidia kolomikta 'Pasha'

The male Pasha™ vine is noted for its striking ornamental pink, white and green variegated leaves, though the female also has some variegation. It takes a few years before the colors begin so don't visit the optometrist yet. It rates among the best backyard ornamentals from Vladivostok to Kalamazoo. The male doesn't produce fruit but pollinizes the productive September Sun kolomikta female.

These fast-growing, beautiful male vines are exceptionally hardy (to -40F) and prefer growing in part shade. They are smooth-textured, very vigorous and need solid support. Kolomikta males bloom too early to pollinize arguta or deliciosa females.

USDA Zone: 3-9

Grow Height: 15' Long at Maturity

Sun: Part Shade

Ripening Time: n/a

Pollination: Is a Pollinizer - one Male for 6-8 Females

Read our Kiwi Growing Guide

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


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  • Will this pollinate ANNANASNAJA?

    No, kolomikta kiwis bloom too early to pollinate arguta kiwis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sumathy S.
Pasha Arctic Beauty Kolomitka Male Kiwi

I rarely do reviews. In this case I felt compelled to leave one.
I am extremely thrilled with the two male kiwi plants. Both plants were healthy. They were also packed well and arrived in great shape. It has been about two weeks since I planted them and they are already vining up the trellis. The best thing is they must really like the location the leaves are already turning red and white.:-) I will definitely purchase again from Raintree Nursery.

Cathy A.

I’m so happy I ordered from Raintree.
I ordered three Pasha™ Arctic Beauty Kolomikta Male Kiwi.
They came in a very sturdy box & are sooo very healthy.
I planted they the next day & look fantastic.
I’m so excited for them to cover the lactic.

Anne M.
Pasha™ Arctic Beauty Kolomikta Male Kiwi

I purchased a male and female kiwi vine over a decade ago from Raintree and there was never any fruit. In multiple conversations with their horticulturist, I learned that both female and male vines should bloom. My male vine never bloomed. It finally gave up the ghost. This spring my poor female vine is going berserk with close to 100 blooms! I purchased the horticulturist's recommended male vine, planted it and it is blooming! Stay tuned to see if any fruit develop.....

Jocelyn T.
Packaging was not great, but plant is in good condition

I understand that it's difficult to ship plants, but for the price of shipping I would expect much better. I ordered three plants - a female and male hardy kiwi and a maypop - and they were jammed in a box with little to keep them from colliding and shearing off leaves/shoots. For this review of the male kiwi, the plant actually was still in good condition with quite a few leaves... (on the right in the photo with the trellis).