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Azadi Pomegranate

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Punica granatum 'Azadi'

From Turkmenistan, Azadi bears med-large, very sweet fruits, with just a little astringency, that ripen to an unusual yellow skin color. The soft seeds inside are tipped with pink. Early ripening and consistently productive, it also tends to start bearing at an early age. Prefers plenty of summer heat.

Pomegranate can be grown as a small tree or in bush form. Their bright foliage and beautiful orange flowers make them a stunning landscape plant. Pomegranates ripen well in the South, Southwest, and in California. They grow well in the Pacific Northwest but don’t get the intense summer heat they need to ripen. Growing them as a multi-stemmed bush in a pot and bringing them inside to finish ripening in the fall can extend their productive range.

USDA Zone: 8b (15F) to 11

Grow Height: 10'

Ripening Time: Late Fall

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: 2 Quart Pot


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  • Is the Azadi Pomegranate grafted?

    No, they are on their own roots.

Customer Reviews

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Don P.
great cold resistance

I put two of these little guys into the ground at the beginning of May outside of Yakima and they both have shiny green leaves and even some growth, despite the below zeros.