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Belaruskaja Black Currant

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Ribes nigrum x 'Belaruskaja'

BLACK CURRANTS ARE PROHIBITED TO DE, ME, NC, NJ, WV, VA, MI, MA, OH& RI. Rust resistant varieties may be shipped to OH & MI (with permit).

An exciting cultivar from Belarus recommended by horticulturist Lee Reich from New York. It's a cross of R. nigrum x ridikuscha. It's productive and easy to grow, with exceptionally flavorful fruit that contains a subtle and unique floral aroma. Fantastic!

Black currants have outstanding health benefits, including high Vitamin C content, up to 5 times that of oranges by weight. They have twice the potassium of bananas and twice the antioxidants of blueberries. The antioxidants, essential fatty acids and potassium in black currants have anti-inflammatory impact, reducing the effects of arthritis. Its antioxidant action has been shown to help prevent cancer. The strong flavor of Black Currants is highly prized in Europe, even fresh, but most Americans prefer them made into jam, syrup or dried as raisins. Partially self fertile plants produce best with another variety of R. nigrum for cross-pollinization. Bushes will grow to 4-5’ tall. We offer well rooted 1-year bushes. USDA Zones 3-8.  

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Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • New to growing currants. What other variety of R. nigrum for cross pollinization do you recommend.

    Any of them really, expect Crandall and Missouri Giant, which while black are not R. nigrum

  • Are the plants treated for the fungus, or they are prone to carry disease? And another question is if the plants don't make it are they replaceable? Thank you.

    The plants are disease free when shipped. If they fail you can contact us before August 1st (you'll know by then) and we will refund or replace them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alla L.

Package came alive and no damage. Plant is already in the ground and is growing very well 😊


Very good quality

Barbara C.
Vigorous, good producer

I purchased Belaruskaja 2 1/2 years ago and am not disappointed. I had fruit the first year. The fruits are now large and plentiful with good flavor. The plant is vigorous but takes well to pruning.

Maria S.
Strong roots, plenty of buds

The root system is quite impressive, plenty of buds. Looks like strong and vigorous little plant

Vladimir G.

Great service, great products, great experience! thanks a million! I'm placing an order for a next year!