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Belmac Apple

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Malus domestica 'Belmac'

A new, productive, all-purpose Canadian cultivar that combines flavor and keeping ability with cold and disease resistance. The sweet, medium-to-large, deep red apples ripen in late September or early October and keep three months or more. A delicious, sweet/tart MacIntosh flavor suggests its parent, Spartan. It was bred by Dr. Shahrokh Khanizadeh in Quebec and introduced in 1996. Offered under agreement with Ag. Canada, Quebec. Includes $1.20 royalty per tree.

Belmac resists scab, mildew, and cedar apple rust, thrives in eastern Canada, and has proven a winner in western Washington. 

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: 5' (Mini Dwarf), 11' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: October

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: M 27

Dwarf Rootstock: M26

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Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I am hoping to pollinate a belmac with a freedom but cant find bloom times for freedom as specific to your chart. I see general " middle season" bloom. Will these two work for each other? Thanks!

    Yes, they are both bloom group 3 and will cross pollinate. In the future, seaching the apple's name and "bloom group" usually yields a good result. The exact month trees bloom is dependant on your region, but they will always bloom in relation to each other based on thier bloom groups.

  • How wide is the mini dwarf and dwarf apple trees?

    They get about as wide as they get tall. 6' for the mini-dwarf and 12-14' for the semi-dwarf.

  • Do I need to plant this tree along with a different tree type of the same bloom time?

    The same OR adjacent bloom time per the chart in the Apple Growing Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephen J.

The tree has started to leaf out. The tree arrived in good shape. Like the size of the tree


Thrilled to find disease resistance, especially to cedar apple rust in this beautiful September Spartan child. Thanks for carrying this Raintree. My Spring 2024 order arrived in perfect condition.