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Black Beauty Fruiting Mulberry

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Morus nigra 'Black Beauty'

The pinnacle of mulberry flavor! Large, juicy, exceptionally flavorful black berries load this tree each year, if you are lucky enough to live in the right climate! Eat the fruit fresh, or dry it for snacking later. The tree grows quickly to about 15', shorter than average for a mulberry, but can be pruned hard each year and kept much smaller. Leaves of M. nigra can be dried for a good black tea substitute, or fed to any homestead critters you may be raising - they are very high in protein and great fresh or dried for rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep - and, of course, silkworms.

This species is quite tender, but the exceptional fruit quality makes it worth planting if you live in dry summer areas - it will be susceptible to fungal infections in humid summer climates, but appears to grow out of this weakness after several years in the ground. Great as an ornamental or luxurious shade tree, it's self-fertile, grows quickly and bears fruit while still small and young, even if pruned hard each year.

USDA Zone: 8-10

Grow Height: 15' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August-October

Pollination: Self-Fertile

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Size: 4'-5' Tree


Ask a Question
  • Would it be a good or bad idea to plant the black beauty variety be to plant under power lines?

    A bad idea. If unpruned it will reach and potentially exceed 15' feet of height and could cause a conflict.

  • what is the fastest growing mulbery tree? Dp you have any 6ft or taller mulberrys?

    Except for the dwarfing varieties mulberries grow roughly the same rate, provided they are well irrigated.

Customer Reviews

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Graft Union Looks Weak

The graft union on this tree looks weak but only time will tell. There is also quite a bit of residue on the top of the rootstock. I haven’t ever seen a graft that is as offset as this one but I’m not sure if it’s an issue or not yet. Will try to remember to update my review in the future if something goes wrong or if it works out okay. For now I will leave it at a skeptical 3 stars.