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Bless Your Heart™ Blueberry

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Vaccinium ashei 'Alapaha'

Originally known as Alapaha (named for the river in Georgia), this rabbiteye selection from Southern Living Plants, the Bless Your Heart™ blueberry, is a medium-to-large sized bush with a vigorous upright growth habit. Bless Your Heart™ is disease resistant and sports a heavy crop of large, sweet blueberries. Late blooms dodge most frosts, but the fruit ripens quickly with enough heat. 

Rabbiteye blueberries differ from Northern Highbush blueberries primarily in that they thrive better in hot climates and are not as cold hardy. Additionally they require other Rabbiteye varieties for cross pollination. Ripens early in hot climates, late in cool summer regions. Requires heavily acidic soil and regular water. Considered low chill at 450+ hours.

USDA Zone: 7-9

Mature Height:  5' - 6' (Large)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Early in hot climates, Late in others

Pollination: REQUIRES additional V. ashei variety for pollination

Read our Blueberry Growing Guide


Size: 1 Gallon Pot


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  • Need a pollination for my new bless your heart blueberry- please suggest

    Another Rabbiteye selection, such as Hello Darlin or Takes the Cake

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Cristy T.
Bless your heart blueberry

Small and delicate. Appears healthy. Unsure of plant age.