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Blue Bird Honeyberry

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Lonicera caerulea edulis 'Blue Bird'

An early-blooming variety that's reliably productive, offering a tasty abundance of light blue fruit in May. This little-known berry tastes like a soft and fragrant blueberry/blackberry mix. Spring blooms in February are darling small trumpets of clear yellow, and feed your early spring pollinators.

This attractive, upright and arching bush grows quickly to about 5'-6’ tall and wide. New to America, but widely grown in Russia, China and Northern Japan where is called Haskap. Plants prefer sun in cool climates, and afternoon shade in warmer locations, and well-drained soil. Little pruning is required: just crossing branches and space about 8’ apart or 4'-5’ for a hedge. Select two varieties that bloom at the same time for effective cross pollination, like Berry Blue and Blue Bird. USDA Zones 2-8.

Size: 2 Quart Pot


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  • What’s the best time of year to plant this?

    Fall through early Spring

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Darla T.
They're alive.

They arrived in pretty good shape, however because of our weather here, they're still in buckets waiting to be installed into the ground.