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Blue Elderberry

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Sambucus caerulea

Blue elderberry is a Pacific Coast native that is beautiful in all seasons. In the spring, enjoy the many white flower clusters. In the fall, the 15-20 foot spreading, arching bush is covered with large clusters of small powder blue berries that are prized for cooking, jelly and wine. A powdery white coating makes the berries look blue - underneath, they are dark and full of the same high nutrition and immune-boosting properties as their American and European cousins. An amazing, structural bush for hedgerows and screening unsightly views! Self fertile.

USDA Zone: 2-9

Grow Height: 20' (Large)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Late Summer

Pollination: Self Fertile

Read our Elderberry Growing Guide

Size: 12" Plant


Ask a Question
  • Should this blue elderberry be planted any distance from black elderberry (S. canadensis) or may that grow near each other?

    They can grow near each other just fine.

  • Wikipedia article on this variety says the blossoms have a strong, unpleasant odor. Is that true? Most elderberries smell nice until they start turning brown.

    Personally I've never considered them unpleasant, so I would say that (apparently) some people might think so, but most people do are not bothered by them.

  • Will this variety pollinate Ranch blueberry?

    No, you will need another S. canadensis to pollinate your Ranch elderberry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sandra L.
Personal attention from knowledgeable staff, quality plant

I love your company. I appreciated your emails along the way until the elderberry arrived. I especially liked Laura's YouTube video about how to handle the unpackaging. First I thought her instructions were wacky. Now I'm a disciple, having watched many of her videos. Two weeks in the ground, the elderberry is already sprouting new leaves.



My elderberry

My plants arrived in packaging that had kept it well hydrated . I planted them and yesterday I have at least 5 shoots coming out. I'm looking forward to see them grow . Very happy with my purchase. Will buy ages from your company

Jeff D.
Alive and healthy

Not the best value compared to buying cuttings, however, the plant was well packaged and seemed to have a healthy (but small) root system.


This plant died. Didn't survive the transport/transplant. Showed no growth, nothing.

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a review of your experience with the Blue Elderberry. I am sorry to hear it did not survive the transport. We are proud to offer a guarantee on all of our trees. I have gone ahead and issued you store credit on your account. If you have any issues placing a new order for a new Blue Elderberry, please reach out to us at!