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Blue Velvet Honeyberry

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Lonicera caerulea var. edulis 'Blue Velvet'

A late-blooming cultivar that grows to 3'-4' tall and wide. It has unusual greyish green, velvety leaves and interesting shredding bark. The soft and oval fruit is flavorful, with high amounts of ascorbic acid and bioactive flavonoides. The flavor is somewhat like a cross between blueberry and blackberry. Use late-bloomers Blue Pacific or Blue Moon as pollinizers.

Late-blooming varieties are especially well-suited for areas that experience variable spring weather. Small, creamy yellow, funnel-shaped flowers appear in February or March and are a valuable source of early nectar for pollinators. New to America, but widely grown in Russia, China and Northern Japan where it is called Haskap. Plants prefer sun (in cool locations), or morning sun (in warmer regions), and well-drained soil. Select two different varieties for pollination. USDA Zones 2-8.

Size: 2-3' Bareroot Plant


Ask a Question
  • When is the best time to order / plant a honeyberry from RTN? Early spring as a living plant in a pot or as a bareroot / dormant plant in the fall? Is one better than the other in zone 6?

    For zone 6 spring time is better, which may mean pre-ordering and delaying shipment until the following year. You will want as much time as possible for the plant to acclimate before the cold comes.

  • Are these self pollinators?

    No, you will need another compatible honeyberry for cross pollination

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia B.
Blue Velvet Honeyberry ~ A new fruit in our garden

Bought this shrub to cross pollinate with the Blue Hokkaido Honeyberry. It came in a small container, well packed in good condition.

Am keeping it in our unheated greenhouse at night as temps are still rather cold. Take it out to sit in dappled light during the day to adjust to our high elevation (5404'), intense sunlight, and get used to the gusty spring and early summer winds. (Put a heavy rock on a bare space beside the plant, so it doesn't blow over.) It seems happy and is already flowering!

Arrived healthy!

This came well packaged and after a day or two in the shade and watering, perked up nicely. It is now tucked into the fall garden.