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Blueray Blueberry

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Vaccinium corymbosum 'Blueray'

Blueray is fantastic for its very large blueberries and superior, sweet flavor; it's also a variety unusually well-suited to regions experiencing a changing climate. Blueray performs well in cold winter regions as well as areas with hotter summers. A winner from Michigan State University, it's been pleasing gardeners since the late 1970's.

This upright, open Northern Highbush hybrid grows to 4-6' tall, with exciting red and yellow fall color. Requires 800+ chill hours to set fruit. Can benefit from afternoon shade in hotter climates. Fruit ripens early midseason.

USDA Zone: 3-8

Mature Height:  4'-6' (Medium-Large)

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade in Hot Climates

Ripening Time: Early Midseason/July-August

Pollination: Partially Self Fertile

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Size Options: 2 Liter Pot


Ask a Question
  • How wide do these grow to be?

    Roughly 4 to 6 feet wide.

  • What other blueberry varieties should this one be planted with for good cross-pollination?

    Any of the non-rabbiteye blueberries are great for cross pollination.

  • How old are the plants?

    Roughly 2 years old at shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Zachary C.
Came in perfect

As the title says, absolutely no complaints. The order came in on time and the plants were fine.

Tim o.t.P.
"can't grow blueberries here"

We have soil ph of over 7, but somewhat sandy soil. By mixing about 1 lb. of sulfur per 10 sq. ft. we harvested our first "large" crop of blueberries last year.
Not knowing blueberry plants well, we planted about six different varieties; two to four plants each. The Bluecrop is my favorite, lots of large flavorful berries; followed closely by Blueray. I like having different varieties to make harvest last longer and frost might get the blossoms on an early one.
The blueberries (and everything else) I received from Raintree are beautiful plants. The prices are competitive and quality is unmatched.
This order was to replace varieties that were not good that we got from a local hardware store's greenhouse.