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Rubus ursinus × R. idaeus

Boysenberry, probably created by Rudolph Boysen and certainly popularized by Knott's Berry Farm, is a complex cross between the European raspberry, European blackberry, American dewberry, and loganberry. A distinctly tart, juicy treat, these large, red-black berries mature at up to 2 inch long. The harvest of delicious, aromatic fruit continues to ripen for up to two months. Try eating them fresh with cream, mixing them into a smoothie, or baking them into a spectacular pie - exceptional.

Trellising the trailing, vigorous canes on a 2-wire system works well; the first year primocates down low, and the 2nd year floricanes up higher where they will be easy to harvest from. USDA Zones 6-10.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • When planting them, how far apart should they be from others and if they spread, how far do they spread? Also do they need cross pollination?

    These are cane bearing plants and should be trellised for best results. Usually you're looking for 6 feet or so of support. They spread by the tips rooting in the soil if the tip of the cane is allowed to touch the ground.

  • Do these have thorns?

    Yes, Boysenberry is not thornless.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Deborah W.
3 boysenberry plants

All 3 arrived healthy. I planted them right away in my newly prepared bed for them. It has been a few weeks now and they are growing and thriving. They even have a few blossoms already!
Thank you for such beautiful plants!

Greg K.
An excellent start

The boysen arrived in excellent condition. I am planting it inside a 27 gallon storage container(with lots of holes for drainage). It is inside a fence, to keep the deer away from it. It is doing well, going to sleep for the winter.