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Bramley Apple

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Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'

The English are particular about their cooking apples, and this large, round, green-yellow apple with red stripes is widely celebrated for its intense, sub-acid flavor that really shines in tarts, pies, and sauces. Bramley apples are firm and juicy and they cook to smooth perfection, while holding all their powerful apple flavor! When ripe, Bramley can be good for fresh eating, if you love a strong sweet-and-sour bite! In addition to their fantastic cooking qualities, Bramley is rated among the highest in phytonutrients, making it healthful and delicious!

A vigorous triploid growing with a spreading form, these trees bear heavily and regularly. Disease resistance includes scab and mildew. Does not make viable pollen and will not pollinate other apple trees, but requires a pollinizer. Ripens mid-fall, just in time to make cozy treats! Bloom group 5.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: Semi to 15', Standard to 25'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Mid Fall

Pollination: Triploid; Requires Pollination but is Pollen Sterile

Semi-Dwarf Rootstock: MM106

Standard Rootstock: Antonovka

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Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Can an Esopus Spitzenburg or a Cox’s Orange Pippin pollenate a Bramley? (I’d really like a Queen Cox, but I need either a standard size or semi-dwarf where I live.)

    Esopus Spitzenburg will do the job (as a bloom group 4 apple).

  • Can Granny Smith apples pollinate the Bramley?

    Yes! Absolutely!

  • What apple will pollinate the bramley without needing a pollinator for itself?

    Queen Cox can do it as it is self fertile in most regions.

  • Can a Bramley apple tree grow successfully in Colorado? Or is it too dry? I'm from England and the English weather is damp. Sincerely, Bruna

    Most trees will need supplemental irrigation in your area, but will grow fine if watered.

  • How many chill hours do Bramley trees need?

    1000+ chilling hours

  • Can the Queen Cox apple pollinize this Bramley apple?

    Yes they can pollinate each other!

Customer Reviews

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Ramon L.
Best for pies!

The best cooking apple ever! Makes great pies and turnovers.