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Cascade Blackberry

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Rubus ursinus x loganberry 'Cascade'

Originally introduced in 1940, this was an exciting cross between the highly flavorful but very small NW Native blackberry (R. ursinus), and the wildly popular Loganberry. This berry was a widely-planted backyard crop for decades, but it has long since been unavailable. Many still ask for it, because of an unmatched wild trailing blackberry flavor, larger size and higher productivity.

Grow their thin canes on a trellis, so they won't be underfoot and so you can easily pick these uniquely tasty, dusky gems. We offer female plants that are self fertile. Fruit on healthy, disease-resistant canes ripens in July. USDA Zones 7-9.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Will you get fruit the 1st year

    No, you will get fruit the second year. Blackberries are floricane bearing plants (1 year old wood).

  • How do the spread? Like blackberries? Or black raspberries?

    This is a tip layering plant that spreads like common blackberries.

Customer Reviews

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Jodi B.
Excellent Plants!

Growing up, I spent a great deal of time at my grandparents home nestled along the Cowlitz River in Randle. My grandma had an amazing garden and a berry patch full of Cascade berries. I spent hours in the berry patch snacking from the vines. Grandma also used them to make jam. No other jam compared to the flavor of the Cascade berry jam.

The home is still in our family, but sadly the berry patch is no longer there. I was SO EXCITED when I found Cascade berry starts available through Raintree! I ordered starts that very day and scheduled a March pick up date.

The quality of the starts I received was excellent. They were healthy, leafy and ready to go into the ground. I opted for repotting the starts into large containers with supports for now, as it became clear that the area that was to become the berry patch needed more work. I am looking forward to seasons of Cascade berry jam in the future.

I will definitely be ordering more starts, (and let’s face it - other plants too), and will highly recommend Raintree Nursery to anyone to everyone. Because they are a local, family-owned company they have great knowledge of which plants will do well here. The ordering process was seamless and the customer service on pick up day was excellent