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Cascade European Pear

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Pyrus communis 'Cascade'

Now you can enjoy a "cascade" of gorgeous red pears for the holidays! Cascade is a stunning, red-skinned pear that is a cross between Max Red Bartlett and Comice, bred by Prof. Frank Charles Reimer at the Oregon State U. Medford station around 1940. This dessert quality pear is sweet, with a rich aromatic flavor, excellent texture, and matures in late September approximately 10 days before Comice. It is an excellent keeping pear with firm but smooth flesh, and can store for up to 6 months in optimal conditions.

Prof. Frank Charles Reimer was the first superintendent of the southern branch research and extension station in Oregon, from 1911-1947. In the earliest years of his tenure fireblight disease was beginning to have a strong impact on western pear orchards, and had already reached epidemic levels in other locations in the country. Reimer began testing any species or hybrids of pear that were available to him for resistance, including trees grown from pounds of seeds brought back from China, some of which he collected himself. His work laid the foundation for the research that followed and eventually led to the release of fireblight-resistant rootstock and pear varieties.

While Cascade did not acquire the much-sought fireblight resistance, in most other respects it proved to be superior to both of its parents and worthy of release.  It blooms early and is pollinized by early and midseason-blooming pears.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Mature Height:  15' (Semi Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September - October

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer that is Early or Midseason Bloomer

Semi-Dwarf Rootstock: OHxF87

Read our Pear Growing Guide

Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
First Quarter Progress

This arrived early spring very healthy with gorgeous roots. So far it has grown well despite the dry heat. I look forward to its growth through the seasons and the test of winter winds. Thank you. *6b, very hot dry summer, very windy in all seasons

Terri C.
Cascade Red Pear Yummmm

What a delicious and beautiful pear . Thank you so much !
What a wonderful story you shared regarding the pear blight and research done by Prof. F. C. Reimer .
Here is a pic of him traveling in China , 1916 .

Zachariah M.
My goat ate it

I'm mad at my goat.

Tree came dead but they offered account credit for it

I bought a lot of plants from Raintree this year. I bought a Black Gold cherry, Comice pear, Warren pear, Cascade pear, some tayberry some blackberries, a thimbleberry and a salmonberry. While I still have yet to get the salmonberry and thimbleberry everything else came good but the Cascade pear. While everything else was showing green by the time I got it from Raintree the Cascade pear showed no green on the outside. I also noticed that the pear had a black tag on It the others did not have which made me suspicious. So I did a scratch test and low and behold the scratch test showed black and not green. Luckily they had some more in stock but it will likely be on the last truck of the season so I will be getting the last of their stock. Hopefully that cascade it alive since I really want the cascade since it has good parents and good storage life. I would not discredit Raintree from this review because they did state they issued account credit to my account and all the other trees were alive and pristine.