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Cascade Trailing Blackberry

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Rubus ursinus

Every summer from Alaska to Northern California, fruit lovers "in the know" pick (and trip over) our sweet, especially tasty, native trailing blackberries. We offer a selection found in the wild that is among the biggest and sweetest ever found, although still small.

Grow them on a trellis, so they won't be underfoot and so you can pick lots of fruit which is otherwise only available in the wild - and fetches a very high price when wildcrafted! We offer female plants that are self fertile. USDA Zones 7-9.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • How can it be both only female and self-fertile ? Is it actually monoecious ?

    Most blackberries, and many fruiting plants (like Asian plums), are monoecious. Some plants are parthenocarpic however, like figs and mulberries, and bear fruit without any pollination.

  • How far apart do I plant the Cascade Trailing blackberries if at the foot of a hoop shaped cattle panel trellis? Should I then direct them just upwards and over, or should they be instead planted & directed to go up & out along a 4' x 16' horizontally placed cattle panel trellis? How long do the vines get? I have only seen them all over the ground. I have ten plants. Thank you for supplying these!

    You can. They are more easily trellised on a horizontal wire setup, but a cattle panel or utility panel works fine too. As they are thorny, they should be trellised for ease of access, to avoid discomfort while harvesting.

  • I have very thin trailing blackberry vines with fine thorns. Some vibes have heavily serrated leaves and some have "regular" blackberry leaves. They bloom but I have never seen fruit. Are they male natives? Are they useful? Do I add females?

    There are yes! Those are obviously male vines. Cascade Trailing is a self-fertile cultivar of the native Rubus ursinis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very nice looking plants. I jut got them in the ground this week but they are already growing well.

Patricia C.
Blackberry heaven

Looking forward to these nice plants producing our favorite blackberry. Any pie or cobbler will enhance

Great blackberries!

Love these blackberries. Bought this plant last year & it grew some good canes to fruit this year. Next year's canes are even more vigorous! The berries this year are DELICIOUS. PNW, ripening in early July. Almost unnoticeable seeds and a sweet, distinctly perfect "blackberry" flavor. The berries are a nice cone shape a little over an inch long. A good Goldilocks size. We have pretty terrible clay soil and it got leaf spot, but it's still doing great. Next summer it should make a lot of berries!


I liked its trailing habit - I'm standing up a food forest for small wildlife ( think Box Turtles) and these blackberries fit right in.

Laird T.
Cascade trailing blackberries

I bought 2, just in case...

They will be a vital part of the food forest I'm creating while doing native reforestation of the understory that the local white-tail deer herd browsed to oblivion during the 6.+ decades before I arrived & began intervention

A predominant consumer will be the 9 Eastern Box Turtles that I expect to hatch in ~5 weeks and begin their growth to maturity here. One of the blackberries had flower buds when it arrived. I have high hopes!