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Cherry Berries ™ Wintergreen

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Gaultheria procumbens 'Cherry Berries'

Nature's wintergreen lifesavers! This new cultivar is loaded with very large, nickel-size, showy red, tasty berries. The berries can be made into tea, eaten raw, mixed into fresh fruit salad or used in a refreshing ice cream. The leaves can be used as a minty tea. Both leaves and fruit taste like wintergreen lifesavers.

Self-fertile wintergreen ripens berries in waves, starting in late summer until late winter. They are a creeping native of the eastern United States and will spread outward 12 inches or more. Plant 12 inches apart, in partial or full shade. Needs a loose, acidic soil with high organic matter content. It grows to about 6 inches tall and makes a great edible evergreen groundcover. Hardy in USDA Zones 3-9.

Size: 1 Qt Pot


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Darla T.

These are so very nice. The berries and the leaves do taste like wintergreen but they are not overwhelming in flavor. It’s like a very mild flavor. The leaves are more on the crunchy side. They came very well packaged and you could see several roots in which the plant will hopefully spread. We planted them 12 feet apart. I have a treacherous hill that when it rains it’s very slick and dangerous. These were purchased in the hope that they will take over the hillside so we no longer have to mow it. I realize that it may take them a year or longer to spread as much as we would like but like all things, patience is the name of the game.

Anissa B.
12 Beautiful plants

The wintergreen arrived in great shape. They are pretty hardy travelers, it seems. I bought them to fill in as a ground cover.

Kerensa T.

I love the confidence knowing that any tree or barefoot plant will thrive.

Winter berries!

Well I am just in love with these small bushes. I am now on my 4th multi-plant order for these. Not only do they look cute, with dark glossy leaves, the leaves and the berries are a trip when you taste them. It’s like root beer concentrate in your mouth - at least to me - and nice breath thereafter. I gifted a few to family and they just love them too. Of course they look fabulous among the rocks by my small retaining wall too.

Sandra L.
Beautiful plant

This one is doing very well in its new location. Thanks for great packaging and a high quality little shrub.