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Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Dowels (100)

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Laetiporus sulphureus

Easy to recognize;, the combination of bright orange and sulfur yellow make it a real show stopper! As tasty as it is colorful, it could make a great landscape addition. It grows on hardwood logs and stumps throughout the United States. Package of 100 dowel plugs; we recommend using a 5/16" drill bit set at 1" depth to drill holes for the dowels.

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Ask a Question
  • Will these do well in western Washington and if so what would make a good host tree for them in our area?

    This mushroom does well in any area in which they can be kept wet year round. The real trick is using the right wood, of which it requires Oak or Green Ash (specifically Fraxinus pennsylvanica). Chicken of the Woods has not shown good results in other hardwoods.

  • What species of tree do these mushrooms prefer to grown on?

    Oak and Green Ash (specifically Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

  • do they come with directions

    Check out our mushroom growing guide!

Customer Reviews

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Kelly D.
No instructions, Buy from a mushroom specific seller

I ordered Chicken of the Woods dowels and Wine Cap spawn. I was very disappointed to see that there were no instructions in the package, not even for temporary storage. I used the website's chat help, but the representative was only able to refer me back to the product listing and a generalized "mushroom growing guide." He had no product specific knowledge.
I ended up turning to YouTube and found a couple of very helpful channels from businesses that mainly sell mushroom growing supplies and spawn. As it turns out, Chicken of the Woods is a rather challenging mushroom to cultivate. Sterilizing the logs is recommended, which requires some additional equipment. Once my additional supplies arrive, I will give this a go. I won't know if I am successful until fall or possibly next spring (a year away). However, knowing what I know now, I would have purchased a different variety of mushroom or purchased a grain or sawdust spawn of this variety.
I purchased from Raintree in an attempt to purchase (regionally) local, but I will not buy any mushroom spawn from them again. I will purchase from one of the 2 businesses I found sharing their wealth of knowledge and passion for mushrooms.