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Chocolate Persimmon

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Diospyrus kaki 'Chocolate'

Choice of connoisseurs! Medium-size, conical fruit with vivid orange/red skin develops sweet, spicy/nutty, firm but juicy brownish flesh when pollinized by another variety of Asian persimmon. May develop seeds depending on pollination conditions. Fruit can be ripened off the tree. Considered pollination-variant astringent, as it can set fruit solo - but will be astringent and fruit flavor will be less complex. Produces many male flowers, which makes it valuable as a pollinizer.

Low chill, needing only 100 hours at 45F to successfully set fruit. Quite tolerant of heat and humidity - great for Southern growers! The best pollinizer for the Coffee Cake variety, and one of the latest to ripen.

USDA Zone: 8-11

Grow Height: 15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: October/November

Pollination: Somewhat Self-Fertile; Fruit Quality Improves with Pollination

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Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Chocolate Persimmons is USDA Zone 8-11 on your catalog. I grow Fuyu on Zone 7B with no problem. Is Chocolate persimmons safe to grow in Delaware Zone 7B? Thank you.

    We only guarantee this persimmon to zone 8. You might be successful, especially with winter mulching, but again we cannot guarantee it will survive every winter.

  • Hi I live in Astoria Oregon. I was considering persimmons but I just read under the Saijo that I is the only one to ripen for you? Will this be true for me also? I’m 8b

    Changing climate has actually made more persimmon viable in the Pacific Northwest. It will take a number of years to mature, but I would try it!

  • What rootstock is the chocolate persimmon grafted to?

    D. lotus.

Customer Reviews

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Trang M.h.

Received tree in good shape, packaging was outstanding. After approximately two weeks planned, new growth started.