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Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.
Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.

Combination Dwarf Cherry Tree (3 varieties)

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SKU C9003

Prunus avium spp.

(Varieties subject to change from year to year.)

Enjoy the best red and yellow, early and late season cherries all on one beautiful, self-fertile tree. Grown on heavily productive Gisela 5 rootstock, the dwarf tree will soon yield loads of delicious cherries of four varieties. Easily maintained at a manageable 10' tall, the tree can be easily netted from birds and picked. Trees include 3 of the following 6 varieties: Nugent(AKA NY518), Montmorency, Lapins, Rainier, Black Gold and/or Hudson.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee specific variety requests for combo trees due to the numerous factors that can affect successful grafting. If you desire a specific varietal, we recommend purchasing it as a single-graft tree from our collection.

Each branch will be labeled.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height:  12' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self Fertile

Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Is this shipped as a bare root plant?

    Yes this is shipped bareroot.

  • How many chill hours

    800+ chill hours

  • What zones will this tree grow in?

    USDA Zone 5 and warmer

  • Will this bear fruit if planted in a big pot?

    For a number of years yes, but it will eventually need to be planted.

Customer Reviews

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PMartin, M.Z.7.
The tree arrived on time…

and was packaged well. I left it in the box for another three days because I was running low on my growing medium. When I took it out of the box and planted it it had buds on it. After a week (4/16/2023) of being planted in the pot two of the Cherry branches (Hudson & Rainier) are now flowering. Since the Montmorency is a later producing Cherry I’m assuming it will start to bud and flower soon.