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Crimson Cherry Rhubarb

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Rhubarb is easy to grow in most soils. Eat the stalks, not the leaves! Crimson Cherry is an extremely heavy and reliable producer. This is the reddest variety, tending to be red all the way through. Stalks are up to two feet long and are tender with no stringiness and a full rich flavor. We offer jumbo sized crowns. Plant 4 foot apart.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Grow Height:  4' (Small)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: N/A

Pollination: N/A

Size: Bareroot Crowns


Ask a Question
  • Do I plant the crowns as soon as I receive them? I live in Indiana

    Yes, as soon as you can

  • Do you offer a wholesale price for your red rhubarb nroots?

    No, we don't at this time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Looking good so far

Just planted it a couple of weeks ago. Rhubarb crown was very large, thick and healthy looking with many growing "points". A couple of small leaf buds have started growing healthily at this point. I'm very optimistic.

Holly D.
chrimson rhubarb crowns

I would like to tell you that I put the so- called root in the ground here and I live in a rural NJ place and it did nothing. I dug down after awhile and saw that the root did sprout any shoots , roots ... nothing. When I got this root it was barely wrapped in a small piece of brown paper and just put in a rectangular box, with no other protection wrapping on it. I was extremely disappointed. Holly Deemer 821 Ridge Rd, Phillipsburg NJ


We received both plants and immediately put them in the ground and each seem to be enjoying their new home. Both plants sent shoots to the surface of the ground the leaves are about the size of a hand at this time. I have high expectations.

Gary Z.

Target area is still under 2 feet of snow

Paul H.
Coming alive

I received the plants in good condition. Their planting went easy, and they are showing signs of growth. I am very happy.