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Dr. Yao Cinnamon Vine

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(Dioscorea batatas) Cinnamon scented flowers and heart shaped leaves adorn this vigorous deciduous vine. In the mountains of northern China it produces very large, highly prized, white fleshed tubers with a nutty potato flavor. While the top dies back each November, the tubers can be left in the ground for several years to keep growing. One gallon pot. This plant is self fertile and grows in USDA Zones 4-8.

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Does it like some shade? Our “full sun” is brutal (we’re transitioning from semi-arid steppe to full-on arid). Also, does it require himidity?

    Shan Yao (Chinese Hardy Yam Vine) requires full to partial sun, loamy loose soils, and moderate moisture. It is much like a sweet potato, though superior in nutrition and some believe flavor.

  • Will this vine do well in a large 10-20 gal container? If so, how deep? does the vine need support such as a trellis? How tall will the vine grow in the season?

    Yes, understanding that the "fruit" for this plant is the root tubers themselves. It is a fast growing vine that needs support and can grow up to 16 feet in a year. Roots mature in 3-5 years for harvest and replanting.

  • Hello - I received this in my spring shipment in early March. There is no visible plant. It is a 1 gallon pot of just a tuber? Just want to be sure before I build a trellis for it. Thanks!

    That is normal. The vine dies back annually and regrows from the tuber, which is the part of the plant you want.

Customer Reviews

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Actually ended up with 2. They are planted too soon to tell how they will do.

Cinnamon vine

Plant arrived during a time that was still below freezing. The plant was well wrapped and looked in great health. The vine was about 2 feet long when it arrives, however about 4 inch of rip froze. I trimmed it down to the the next leaf segment. It has since grown a ton and am so happy with the purchase. This year is my first year ordering plants from Braintree and I am so happy with the quality of all the plants purchased.