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Elegant™ Cornus Mas

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Cornus mas 'Elegant'™

Prohibited to FL

Also known as Elehantnyi, this newer variety of Cornus mas was released in 1980 from Ukraine, A very heavy producer of pungent, delicious, glossy dark red, pear-shaped fruit 1-1/4 inches long, with an average fruit weight 5g and a sugar content of 9.1%. Unusually early to ripen and also unusual in that the fruit does not drop from the tree when ripe. Makes great preserves and fantastic juice and wine. An outstanding edible ornamental for its extraordinary early yellow blossoms, which look like tiny golden sparklers and cover the tree in a filmy haze of butter yellow.

The cold-tolerant genetic semi-dwarf tree grows to only 6' within 10 years. Needs another Cornus mas variety as a pollinizer. Yields from a mature tree average 60 pounds.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 4

Mature Height: 6'

Ripening Time: Mid-August

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade

Pollination: Needs A Pollinizer

Size: 2'-3' Tree


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  • Why is there such a range of sizes for these plants. One nursery says this variety will only get to be 4-6'. Another says 8'-12', and you say it will get to 10'-15'. I have some coming that I had planned on being in the 4'-6' range. It is very hard to plan a garden with such a range of sizes for the same variety.

    Cornus mas can vary in size and nurseries can vary in the rootstock they use for propogation. You should expect, eventually, a tree that gets 8'-10' tall, sometimes shorter or taller, depending on the rootstock used.

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