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Elm Dirt Plant Juice

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Note: This item will ship separately from plant orders.

Elm Dirt Plant Juice is specially brewed per order with premium worm castings and other organic additives to help boost microbial activity and nutrients. Over 250 Species of bacteria and fungi that helps everything from promoting explosive growth to warding off pests.

Plant Juice’s biodiversity includes microbes that pull nitrogen from the air and make other typically unavailable nutrients useable for plants. Made from all natural ingredients like worm castings, our Plant Juice helps restore organic matter and grow resilient plants to use less water and withstand drought.

100% organic with no chemicals involved! The best food for plants made naturally and sustainably! 32-ounce bottles are made with 100% Post-Consumer Plastic! Please remove the label, and lid before recycling

Size: 16oz


Ask a Question
  • Are there specific plants this should be used for? How often should this be applied?

    All plants benefit from it and as with all fertilizers, you should apply as needed based on the plant's needs.

  • What is the ratio of juice to water?

    A 32oz bottle will make 64 gallons of plant juice. That's 2 ounces of plant juice concentrate per 1 gallon (128oz) of water.

  • Will this product be effective in the spring if purchased now?

    Yes, it has a 1 year shelf life.

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