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Evergreen Huckleberry

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Vaccinium ovatum

The best fruiting plant for your shade garden! A native of Pacific Northwest lowland forests, this evergreen bush is beautiful throughout the year. In the spring and the fall the young foliage turns from green to a striking bronze color. The late summer-ripening berries are a dark blue; tart and flavorful, half the size of a blueberry. The shrub grows best in the shade where it can reach 6-8 feet without pruning. In the sun it only grows to 3 feet tall. It has a dense growth habit and spaced about 3 feet apart makes a beautiful evergreen hedge.

USDA Zone: 7-9

Grow Height:  6'-8'

Sun: Full Sun to Full Shade

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Read our Huckleberry Growing Guide

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Will these grow on the East Coast?

    In zones 7 and higher they grow fine in full shade, not in full sun.

  • I am Looking for Bilberries ---are these considered Bilberries ?

    No. Bilberries are a Vaccinium species plant native to the British Isles and Europe. With fruit larger than a huckleberry, low growing, and very tart they are closely related to both blueberries and huckleberries, but evolved on a different continent.

  • Would these do well in Zone 7 in New Mexico? We are hot and dry in summer and in winter, it can get down to single digits on occasion but typically 20's.. I would plant them under a shade tree.

    If they are kept in full shade with a thick mulch and regular watering they may do alright.

  • How much does a full grown plant produce per year?

    A great question! As nearly all huckleberry harvesting for commerical products is wildcrafted via contract labor it there is very little available data to answer that! Huckleberry yield is also affected heavily by flower set, which occurs in response to disturbance (deer browse, tip breakage due to wildlife travel, fire, etc). A large, mature, undisturbed plant (for example) will produce significantly less flowers and fruit than a well managed one half it's size, that is prompted to flower and fruit. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I hope it helps!

  • Will huckleberries survive if planted under a Sequoia?

    Most likely yes! They are found in highly acid, full shade tree cover natively!

  • Are these considered “black huckleberries”?

    No. Black huckleberries are Gaylussacia baccata while these plants are Vaccinium ovatum. While related they are not the same genus or species.

  • Here in another question you say that they will grow more slowly and fruit less in full sun vs full shade, implying they grow and fruit best in full shade. But your huckleberry growing guide says they need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to fruit well. Can you confirm the ideal planting spot for these? I have options on my property for full sun, partial sun/shade, and full shade.

    Dappled sunlight works best for huckleberries, morning sunlight can also be especially good. Avoid afternoon sun as much as possible.

  • If I plant these below Elm trees where there mostly shade and minimal sun, will they still fruit? Thank you!

    Absolutely. Huckleberries prefer shade.

  • Cam they grow in full sun in northern nevada

    Technically yes, if watered well, but they will grow more slowly and fruit less than if they are in full shade.

  • How large is the plant when shipped? And how long will it take to bear fruit?

    8"-12" tall in a pot when shipped. They can bear early on, but your mileage may vary. For best results plant in full shade.

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Love my tree

The plant was healthy and came in perfect condition


They are looking amazing


Sadly, our dog ate it and I just ordered two more

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Great service

My new plants arrived healthy and vibrant and can't wait to see them thrive.
Thanks Raintree!

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Arrived in great shpe...

and ready to plant. Now for the growing.