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Order now to reserve your spring plants for 2024.

Fargesia nitida Bamboo

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A hardy clumper, to -20 degrees F. It has dense foliage and makes a beautiful 12 foot tall hedge. The canes are very strong and make excellent garden stakes. It is the most upright growing of the Fargesia. It looks best when sited where it is not exposed to mid-day hot summer sun.

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • How deep do the roots go?

    Typically 10-15 inches.

  • How wide does the plant grow? Does it send out runners?

    This is a clumping bamboo that usually gets about 12x12 in width. It does not send out runners.

  • How close should the bamboo be placed to create a hedge? Thanks

    4 to 6 foot centers should be sufficent

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elizabeth R.
Great plant!

My Fargesia nitida Bamboo arrived in perfect condition. They did a great job packaging it. So excited to see how it grows in zone five. My very first bamboo.


Was super excited to receive my bamboo. It came and was glorious I planted it right away and can t wait for the years of bamboo to come:)

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