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Freyr Trellis by Seattle Urban Farm Company

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Introducing the new Freyr Trellis - the last trellis you'll ever need!

Many fruiting plants do best when supported by a trellis. There are a lot of trellis options out there, but frankly most trellises are too short, too flimsy, or degrade too quickly. Conversely other trellis systems are often too large, too hard to install, and too hard to move when necessary.

The pioneers at Seattle Urban Farm Company wanted something else, something more. Something portable, beautiful, functional, and sustainable - so they made one!

The Freyr trellis is designed to support crops with strings. Strings can be made of nearly anything, including: hemp, jute, sisal, or even polypropylene. String trellising is the favored technique of professional farmers and makes it easier to train, prune, harvest, and clean up your crops.

Why use a Freyr trellis?

  • Simple setup
  • Adjustable size: Max. length: 8' / Max. height: 7'
  • Solid aluminum
  • Never rusts
  • Supports 200 lbs.
  • Works with any vegetable or flower crop
  • Adds year-round color and structure to the garden
  • Sustainable: Will never need to be replaced, but can be recycled

Kit includes:

  • 1 Freyr trellis (available in 4 colors)
  • 1 Hemp twine roll (225' feet)
  • 1 Package compostable trellis clips (50 clips)
Color: Dusty Blue


Ask a Question
  • does this come with the ground anchors? (What else would I need to start using this?)

    It is a complete set.

  • I am 62 years old and in medium health, could I install this alone or would I need to hire someone?

    Depending on your soil you could do it alone. The anchors are easier to install in a raised bed than inground soil.

  • I have purchased berry plants from you (raspberry, salmonberry and thimbleberry). How would you recommend using a trellis like this for berries? Which berries? I see how this trellis would be great for pole beans, etc.

    Raspberries benefit significantly from support like this, as do vining berries like marionberries and blackberries. Just string them up so they can't fall over!

  • What is the trellis made of?

    Solid aluminum.

  • How is the trellis supported on the ground? What ensures it stands up in winds?

    The trellis is installed in the ground/soil with a ground anchor.

  • Is there any way this could be used to support dragon fruit?

    Yes! It can support up to 200lbs!

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