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Geneva 30 Apple rootstock

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Good resistance to crown rot and fire blight, this rootstock produces trees about 11-16' tall. It is similar to EMLA 7, but has better anchorage, higher production and fewer burr knots. Stake for the first few years.

Size: 1/4 Inch


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  • How does the Geneva 30 compare to an M25 rootstock? Also do you carry the M25 rootstock? Regards,

    Geneva 30 has 60% vigor, while M25 has 90% vigor. Genevea 30 is considered a semi-dwarf, while M25 is a standard. We do not carry M25.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick S.
Great Product

Everything I ordered came in right on time and very moist. Great product

Experimental G.&.G.
Tried & True

Geneva 30 has proven its worth ever since I began making my own apple trees via grafting in 2010. It makes few to no suckers. That is good for the grafter. It also means it makes fewer whips in the stooling bed, so is less popular for those who make many rootstocks as a business. Gen30 has held well onto whatever apple scions I have used (I have no interest in grafting Gala). In eastern WA my graftlings on it have ranged from 9-12 feet tall untrimmed; fruits have tasted good & I have even made some of my own stocks from one cut back each year. I want to prove its worth in soil that is soggy in spring, for I found a reference to that being one of its rare strengths.