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Geneva 41 Apple Rootstock

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Small dwarf rootstock. Slightly more dwarfing than Malling 9. Resistant to woolly apple aphid, fireblight and crown rot. Induces high productivity, early bearing; is very winter hardy and shows minimal suckering. A replacement for Malling 9 in high density plantings. Requires tree support. USDA Zones 4-9.

Size: 1/4 Inch


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  • Will this once grown produce fruit on its own or do I need to graft on to it?

    It will produce apples, but they may not be very good. This is a rootstock for grafting.

  • What is the estimated height range?

    Geneva 41 is 35% of natural vigor, making it roughly a mini-dwarf at an average of 6' for most varieties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
G41 update from previous review

After almost two months from my previous review with only 2 stars after receiving rootstock with minimal roots I am glad to update ALL 5 G41 rootstocks has been grafted and growing great. Thanks RainTree!

Becky H.
Fair but one may not live of the (4) ordered

I ordered (4) G-41 root stock for grafting purposes. They came all tangled together and in the effort to untangle some roots were ripped off. One root stock in particular only had a small root attached and I question if it will make it. It was like this and not the result of untangling. They otherwise appeared alive and have been planted.


Received 5 all roots tangled. After removing from package carefully I noticed roots had broken off from rootstock. 2 out of 5 was almost bare of roots. other 3 looked fair but not what I expected. Maybe they fine I am new to rootstock and grafting etc.. I did graft my selections healed 10 days, planted today so will see. (Wish I would have taken pictures) but I trust raintrees products just not to thrilled with G41 rootstocks

Dry and huge

Unfortunately Raintree advertises 1/4 inch rootstock, but will provide whatever - 3/8, 7/16, doesn't matter to them. Their horticulturist will then explain to you how there are different sizes, etc because they are plants, which YES, I get, but every rootstock farm worth their salt prices according to size and offers a range of sizing including 1/4, 3/8, 7/16 and others, priced higher or lower depending on how close they are to 1/4 (premium). I'd stick with bulk rootstock purchases at a farm that specializes in rootstock instead of wasting your time with Raintree.