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Glenndale Gooseberry

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Ribes missouriense x grossularia 'Glenndale'

Prohibited to DE, ME, NC, NJ, NH, WV. MA by permit only.

Bred by the USDA in 1932 for growers at the extreme Southern limit of gooseberry culture. An American x European, it is mildew resistant and tolerates heat and humidity better than other cultivars. Canes are semi-erect, very thorny, tall, and vigorous, to 6', and each bush produces an average of 5# annually of small, tasty, dark red berries in early to midseason.

Prefers sun to part shade in hotter summer climates. Evenly moist soils with optimal ph of 5.8-6.8 and amended with organic matter regularly will produce vigorous plants with best yields. Plants reach mature bearing age by years 4-5, but begin fruiting as early as year 2, and will remain productive for 15-20 years or more. Space at 4'-5' for optimal airflow.

Gooseberries, highly prized in Europe as an important part of a well-rounded garden, have been sadly neglected in America, perhaps because people remember gooseberries as tart and mouth puckering - but sweet varieties are wonderful for fresh eating! Gooseberries generally ripen in early summer, just after strawberries. We offer well-rooted, one-year bushes. Hardy to USDA zone 4.

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Size: Bareroot (1-2')


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  • Which gooseberries are thornless and semi thornless. Thank you

    None. The closest you can get is a Jostaberry, which is a gooseberry/currant hybrid. Jostaberries are entirely thornless.

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Father B.
Berry Bushes

Gooseberry arrived in good condition and is already thriving after only 14 days. Lots of helpful tips on care.

Tatyana G.
Dead upon arrival