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Raintree Select Goumi

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Eleagnus multiflora 'Raintree Select'

Be ready to enjoy loads of nutritious, tasty scarlet berries from this hardy bush! This seedling stood out at Raintree for its uniquely heavy production. A good pollenizer for Sweet Scarlet! Goumi fixes nitrogen that it will share with neighbors, so it's great as a hedgerow plant as well as in an area that will support its round, upright and rustic shape. Thousands of soft yellow, bell-shaped flowers in April are intensely fragrant and great bee forage, too!

Very versatile - will grow and fruit in sun or shade, but fruit production is better with more sun. Pests and diseases don't bother this rugged beauty.

USDA Zone: 6-9

Grow Height: 7'

Ripening Time:August

Sun:Full Sun to Full Shade

Pollination:Self-Fertile, but higher production with 2 varieties

Click here to read our Goumi Growing Guide

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • What cultivar is it. I have a Sweet Scarlet and a Carmine?

    It is our own, grown from a chance seedling here at the nursery!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ralph M.
Quality plant!

It was alive and going when i got it. Already covered in flowers.

Aubrey H.
nice plant

Plant arrived in great shape. I already put it in the ground. Looking forward to see it grow. Thank you very much.

Bill W.
Outstanding cultivar

I grow 6 cultivars of goumi and this one is a favorite.

Douglas S.
Goumi bushes

Had a difficult time finding any to buy. These are doing good so far.

very productive, delicious cherry

I planted one of each variety several yers ago. One Goumi was planted is under the canopy between a walnut tree and heartnut tree Its about 7 feet tall and wide In the late at harvest time there are so many berries that the plant appears red from a distance. sometimes when I m walking through the orchard I ll take off my hat and fill it with the berries then munch away as I tour the garden, They have a sweet very pleasing taste and I love the fact that the pit is soft and easily chewable so I ll just stuff my mouth full of berries and just chew and refill when it s empty till my hat is empty, what s better than that. The berries make a delicious jelly but I process the berries and can the juice. I freeze the juice in popsicle molds.