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Hall's Beauty Blackberry

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Rubus x 'Hall's Beauty'

Large, double flowers on a thornless trailing floricane blackberry? She's a beauty, all right - Hall's Beauty, that is! The sweet, medium-sized fruit is great for fresh eating or processing. A heavy yield of firm, early-ripening berries that can take a ride to a friend’s and not turn into mush on the way.

Trailing canes from 5'-8' long benefit from trellising. Disease-resistant and early ripening, to avoid damage from spotted wing drosophila. USDA zones 6-8.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Does planting different varieties increase yield?

    Yes, though not as dramatically as with other berries.

  • How far apart should these plants be spaced?

    Depends how you grow them. They are vining canes that should be trellised. You can plant them as close as a foot apart depending on your design.

  • Is there a thornless blackberry that would do well in large post?

    Pretty much all of them do very well in a large pot with some kind of trellis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janet M.
The plants were very healthy.

Plants from Raintree are very healthy.

John M.
Nice looking plants

The plants I was sent for Hall's Beauty Blackberry were healthy starts with a good amount of leaves on them. They are really responding to the warmer weather, and I hope to watch them continue to adjust to their new home in my backyard. Thanks again, Raintree Nursery, for excellent customer service!

Deborah H.
Thornless black berries, Ozark and Hall's

The plants arrived intact out of 4 , only one looked puny and I photographed it and sent it to Raintree, they told me what to do, water it well . It's been about 2months now- the puny plant looks great. all 4 are doing well in containers right now, even with the high temps in our region. Big thumbs up for all 4.

Greg K.
An excellent start

The blackberry arrived in excellent condition. I am planting it inside a 27 gallon storage container(with lots of holes for drainage). It is inside a fence, to keep the deer away from it. It is doing well, going to sleep for the winter.