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Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.
Fall shipping begins in late September on select items.

Hardy Chicago Fig

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From a garden near Chicago comes this excellent fig which, once established, can freeze to the ground and come back to produce a crop the same year! The fruit is medium to small, with dark brown skin and a sweet, rich flavor.

This variety is grown from tissue culture and has been heat-treated to significantly reduce the presence of Fig Mosaic Virus.

USDA Zone: 5-10

Grow Height: 10'-15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August-October

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Click here to read our Fig Growing Guide

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Your growing guide states “Figs are hardy to USDA zones 7-11”. If the Chicago Fig is the exception, are there any growing/care exceptions?

    Not especially, it should be grown like any other fig.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Strong, robust, healthy plant! I've pruned it and it has grown back even stronger. Very beautiful plant.

Tracy s.
Unbelievable growth rate.

I planted a small sapling with 7 tiny leaves in a five gallon container (50% compost/50% potting soil) a little over 2 months ago and it is now just shy of five feet tall.

Andrey A.
Chicago fig

everything came very quickly and fresh everything was planted and all the plants started well thank you very much I recommend it to everyone

Liz. T.
Beautiful, healthy tree!

Beautiful, healthy tree came securely packaged with pot wrapped to keep soil and moisture in. Thank you!

"Chicago Hardy" - excellent performance at Zone 6b/7a, PA.

I received the plant on spring 2022 (in a pot). I planted it in ground, and it grew from a pencil size to 5-6' during the season :O, set several fruits and around 3/4 of them had ripen. This is impressive, because "Olympijan" fig at the same site was not able to ripen fruits at all. Another northern adaptation feature is yellowing leaves in the fall: most leaves of "Chicago" have yellowed and fallen off the tree naturally before the severe freeze hit. As a result, the tree has prepared for winter & hardened properly, and showed no freeze damage in spring (temperature did not drop below 10F during winter 2022/2023). Perfect choice for fig lovers at Zone 6.
Update on 08 SEP 2023. First fruits are starting to ripe for 2023 season (second week of September). Mediun size fruits but very delicious, purple-brown skin, strawberry-colored pulp and pleasant, distinct flavor.