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Honey Queen Raspberry

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The Honey Queen Everbearing Raspberry is well-known for its distinctively sweet honey flavor. Its yellow berries are less acidic and tart compared to other red raspberry varieties. Moreover, the Honey Queen raspberry is said to be more tolerant to shady conditions than other raspberry plants, while still requiring sufficient sun exposure to grow healthily.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 3-8

Mature Height:  6'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: June & August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Size: 2YR Bareroot Cane


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  • Are these considered erect or do they require trellising?

    They will grow large enough to need support.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lon S.
Honey Queen Raspberry

Order recieved in good condition, got them planted immediately. In just a week or so they are budding and looking healthy.

Carolyn T.
Perky Plant

My bare root raspberry arrived in excellent shape with helpful instructions for unwrapping it and keeping it moist before planting. I was surprised how quickly it it leafed out. It looks very vigorous. I couldn't find the how-to-plant video that I saw on your web site last year. Thanks for the nice rootstock.

Nicholette T.
So beautiful can't wait!

WOW these are so beautiful I can't wait to get some honey raspberries and make honey raspberry jam. Shipped with fresh little buds coming on. THANK YOU SO MUCH RAINTREE!! The only thing I wish Raintree would lower their shipping cost to half and use less packaging for a stick it shouldn't cost more than $5 to mail not 20 dollars.


All the leaves are yellow and dying on both honey queen raspberries.


It’s dying. I transplanted it right away, but the leaves have turned yellow. It’s the only plant I have that isn’t doing well. EVERYTHING else is green and growing!!