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Hunza Apricot

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Prunus armeniaca 'Hunza'

From the land of the Hunza in northern Pakistan, where people routinely live active lives, to well over the age of one hundred. The kernal of this small, sweet fruit is the primary source of oil for the Hunza, and many claims are made concerning its properties.

Kernals must be roasted or otherwise cooked before eating. The Hunza leave the fruit on the tree to dry before harvesting, but we can't recommend this method for those of us in wetter climates! The flesh of the fruit, when cooked, has a deep toffee flavor. Not recommended for cool maritime summers.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 6

Mature Height: 15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: Citation

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Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Is the fruit sweet? Does it have to be cooked? This doesn't specify.

    When fully ripe the fruit is sweet off the tree and does not require cooking.

  • When you say that this is hardy to zone 6, does that mean that it's hardy in colder than zone 6 or warmer?

    Hardy to Zone 6 means that the tree will survive to -10 degrees. It will not survive temperatues lower than -10 degrees. USDA Hardiness Zones are an indicator of how much cold a plant can tolerate.

  • Is Hunza apricot suitable for northern New Mexico @8000ft. Zip 87556. If suitable, what is best time to plant? Thanks

    Probably yes. Spring time is the best planting period.

  • Is this suitable for the Santa Clara valley in Northern California? The zone number is 9b.

    Which the zone doesn't really mean anything in terms of heat, your area is well suited for this apricot.

  • Most websites say Hunza Apricot is hardy to zone 4. Is yours a different kind?

    No, we just have a different experience with the plant. Better safe than sorry.

  • How many years till it will bear fruit?

    3-5 years after planting if it gets established well

  • What is the chill hours?

    Roughly 500-600 chill hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
leigh n.
Hunza thriving!

I had been looking for someone who carried this tree. I am so glad you had it. It is growing strong and beautiful!

Steph J.
Healthy and growing!

I planted my hunza apricot tree about a week ago and it's already covered in green blooms! I live in west tn with Clay soil so I am thrilled to see its doing well! Praise the Lord! I read a book recently about the hunza people how they eat the apricot and the seed and have had no cancer before 'modern food' came in. This is the only place I could find that tree and after it arrived in such great condition I will be ordering more tree's from Raintree nursery.


Live and well pruned. Decent roots. So happy to have this variety.

Louise M.

Zone 6, I planted my single-stem bare root Hunza in April/23 and it is thriving with beautiful scaffold branches. I gave it a good pruning in January/24, and I am looking forward to seeing how much it grows this year. I love apricots, and the Hunza kernels are a key bonus and the reason I chose this variety. I planted it 20' away from a Chinese (Mormon) Sweet Pit also purchased from Raintree and planted at the same time. Both are about 40' from a Moorpark purchased locally in a pot.

Meredith F.
Planted Spring 2023

Had a slow start and arrived a little later than ideal for spring planting in Texas. However, it has leafed out BEAUTIFULLY. It is tolerating intense summer sun and heat extremely well here in 8b central Texas.

Prepared the planting site for 2 seasons before planting: grew daikon in place, heavily composted and mulched. Now just weekly deep watering through the growing season. Optimistic about this tree doing well in the future.