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Indian Free Peach

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Prunus persica 'Indian Free'

Indian Free is an improved, freestone sport of Indian Blood, which is one of the all-time, highest-rated fruits at taste tests. Indian Blood was an heirloom variety grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson, who prized it for its rich color, flavor and size. It's hard to improve on historically great, but with Indian Free, the proof is in the peach!

Naturally resistant to peach leaf curl, the tree produces heavy crops of large, aromatic, freestone peaches that have dark red skin and white flesh marbled with crimson stripes. When fully ripe in mid-to-late season, the rich, sweet, distinctive flavor is excellent both eaten fresh and used in preserves, chutneys and fruit leathers.

Plant another peach or nectarine as a pollinator.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Grow Height:  12'-14' unpruned

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Mid-to-Late Season

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Rootstock: St. Julian-Dwarf

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Size: Semi-Dwarf (3'-4')


Ask a Question
  • Can I prune the Indian Free peach to open center? One of your answers said not to remove the central leader. Thank you.

    Generally you should not remove the central leader until the root system is fully established as it governs root growth. After your tree is established, you can proceed however you like.

  • Can you cross pollinate this with a black boy Peachtree?

    Yes abosolutely

  • Can I plant a Contender Peach tree with this variety? Will it cross-polinate?

    Yes they will cross polliante

  • Will a Spice Zee Nectaplum pollinate the Indian Free Peach?

    Yes, they should be cross compatible as the Spice Zee is a nectarine dominant tree.

  • Will this pollinate with the Raspberry Red Nectarine?

    It should yes

  • Can I pair a red haven peach with an indian free peach?

    Yes they will cross pollinate.

  • Can i pair dounut peach with indian peach

    Yes, they should cross pollinate fine

  • Will a White Lady Peach be a compatible cross pollinator?

    Yes, they cross pollinate.

  • What type of rootstock and size is a pruned adult size dwarf INDIAN FREE PEACH?

    St. Julian rootstocks grow to roughly 12 to 14 feet tall, and can me maintained shorter

  • Can I plant two Indian Free to pollinate each other?

    No, they are self-sterile and require another peach to cross pollinate.

  • 14 feet is too tall. Can I keep it pruned down to 9 feet, permanently? or will that kill the tree? Do you have a shorter dwarf size?

    You can keep it pruned as long as you do not remove the central leader.

  • Will a dwarf Elberta work as a pollinator? Many thanks.

    Yes that will work fine

  • Can I use a Black Boy peach as a pollinator for the Indian Free peach even though the Black Boy peach tends to bloom later in the season?

    Yes, they are compatible.

  • Can I use a different peach variety as pollinator, like a frost peach?

    Yes absolutely!

  • What root stock is the dwarf Indian Free grafted to? St. Julien, at an average of 15', is not what I would consider dwarf so am hoping it is grafted to some other rootstock.

    It will be either St. Julian or Marianna 2624 (which will be slightly larger at maturity than St. Julian).

  • How close or far away should the second peach tree be planted to act as a pollinator?

    Within 300 feet and in line of sight for pollinators to find it.

Customer Reviews

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Plants arrived in great condition!

Sandra S.

Tree arrived in excellent condition. This is not my first purchase from you and I have always been happy with my trees and grapes

Robert B.
Nice tree - Indian Free Peach

The Indian Free peach tree came on time and very nicely packed. I was impressed with the tree and very impressed with the ample root structure. I have no doubt this tree will thrive.


Item arrived in good condition I'd planted on the ground and still looking good