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Ivan's Beauty Mountain Ash

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Sorbus aucuparia x Aronia melanocarpa 'Ivan's Beauty'

An import from the Ukraine bred by famed Russian plant breeder Ivan Michurin. The attractive, petit, upright tree, a cross between mountain ash and aronia, grows to 10' tall and has larger, glossy compound leaves. Very ornamental in spring with clusters of white, single-petal flowers. The prolific bunches of 1/2 inch purple fruit are prized for making wine, jelly or sauces - usually mixed with apple juice to add body and sweetness. Exceptional wildlife tree and a great addition to mixed borders or hedgerows.

Very hardy, widely adapted, and self-fertile. Prefers cool summer regions and evenly moist, acid-to-neutral soils. Hardy to USDA Zones 3.

Size: 4'-5' Tree


Ask a Question
  • Is this tree grafted onto a rootstock? It's sprouting from the roots as well as leafing out above as it should. I will remove these lower sprouts, but want to know if it's grafted. Thanks, Sue

    Yes this is a grafted tree.

  • Has anyone you know made jelly out of the Ivan’s Beauty berries? Curious to try but a curious. Thank you

    Rowanberry Jelly is a real thing and you should try it!

Customer Reviews

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Carl J.
Glad I waited

I've been eye-balling Likurnaya for quite a while but never quite took the plunge. A lot of options out there are on the tiny side, or uncertain identity, or the canned description was clearly not written by someone who knew the plant, or I just didn't know where it would sink its roots.
This one was not only truly in the 4-5' range, it was a sturdy plant that was trimmed to fit in the box rather than a whip struggling to reach its description. Good roots, good structure. It's not lived here long so I probably should wait to see what it will do, but it made me work to provide it an appropriate hole to plant it in, and it is showing every sign of settling in to its new location. I think I found the right time to recieve the right specimen to join my woodsy tribe.