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Izu Persimmon

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Diospyrus kaki 'Izu'

Cool summer and short season growers are in luck! Izu is the earliest-ripening of the improved Asian persimmons. This is a non-astringent selection and is delightful eaten hard or soft. The trees have a graceful, layered form and glossy, medium-green leaves during the growing season. In Autumn, the leaves turn vivid shades of orange, amber and sienna, and after leaf fall the stunning orange fruits hang like little jack o'lanterns on the branches. 

This is the best variety for short or cool summer areas where ripening can be a problem. In dry summer locations make certain to provide weekly water from July until ripening. Ripens up to 3 weeks before Fuyu. Also note: Izu is known for producing lots of excess bark tissue at the graft union when young, and frequently looks like there is tissue disease. The 'problem' is confined to the Izu portion of the tree, and does not involve the rootstock. Surplus bark tissue typically resolves within 2-3 years, after which the graft union will look normal. Hardy to 0 degrees F., perhaps lower. Low chill; 100-200 hours below 45F. Self fertile.

USDA Zone: 7-10

Grow Height: 15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: October/November

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Click here to read our Persimmon Growing Guide

Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (2'-3')


Ask a Question
  • Do you sell both male and female trees?

    Asian persimmons are not split into male and female trees as each tree makes male and female flowers. Is persimmon is self fertile, meaning it will be able to make fruit from the pollen of it's own male flowers, and does not require another persimmon for cross pollination.

  • What types of root stock to graft for Izu persimmons trees..?

    D. lotus.

  • Do you think this will produce fruit in the cooler microclimate of Marrowstone Island?

    It should yes, but it will take more time than most fruit trees to mature and flower.

  • will it be a good, productive tree in Seattle area?

    If it is given time to establish, yes it does well.

  • Can I grow an Izu persimmon in a container or will it be unhappy?

    You can start it in a large pot, but it will eventually (in a number of years) be unhappy and need to be transplanted.

  • D the fruit have seeds?

    Without a male tree there should be no seeds

  • How large are the trees and when can I expect them to bear fruit?

    Average tree size is around 4' when shipped, but may take up to 5 years to establish and start flowering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A beautiful feature tree and healthy fruit

The persimmon fruit has such a unique and refreshing flavor It should be in any serious or hobby fruit orchard. I chose this variety to compliment my Fuyu Jiro and will likely chose a third from this stellar nursery. I've worked with many of the top nurseries in the country over the decades and consider Raintree in the highest tier for quality, shipping, pricing and customer service. Thanks to Rye and the staff for all the help after purchase. Persimmons require some patience, but well worth the wait! Mine is already leafing out and healthy.

minh l.
izu persimmon look ripe but taste to tarty

my Izu persimmon leaf falls off in November, fruit color is deep orange, but taste too chalky, tarty.

Robert E.
I ordered in Fall, it arrived in Spring around planting season, I planted stick-like tree.

I ordered in Fall, it arrived in Spring around planting season, I planted *stick-like* tree. Could have been larger for the money.

Cory B.
Still dormant?

Has not yet emerged from dormancy.

Persimmon tree

So far only a sad little stick. Followed the video instructions in all details but have not noticed any changes in the planted, skinny stick. Therefore can only give 1 star. Wouldn’t purchase a bareroot, $100 plant again. I’ve purchased from a different company potted fruit plants for same price and they are absolutely beautiful. Time will tell how the stick persimmon will turn