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Johnny Appleseed Apple

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Malus domestica 'Johnny Appleseed'

In the 1830's, thousands of apple trees were planted in Ohio by one John Chapman, who earned the nickname Johnny Appleseed for his work. Nearly two centuries later, it is extremely rare to find a tree documented to be a graft from one of Johnny's trees, but Raintree acquired one.

It was tracked down by Scott Skogerboe, who found an old newspaper article that told of an Ohio homestead where Johnny Appleseed had planted a tree. Early in the 20th century, a student who visited the homestead took a cutting, grafted a new tree and planted it in his family's yard. The child who planted the grafted tree, now elderly, retired from the same school where Scott found the ancient tree.

Since apples from Chapman's trees were used by settlers mostly for making hard cider, their fresh eating quality wasn't the highest priority. Nevertheless, the history of this tree makes it a wonderful living legend. 

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: 14' (Semi-Dwarf), 25' (Standard)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Dwarf Rootstock: MM106

Standard Rootstock: Antanovka 

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Size: Standard (4'-5')


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  • Is there anyway to have an apple tree checked to see if it could be from a Johnny Appleseed tree? On my husbands property are a couple of small trees that came up without being planted. His property at one time had a log cabin on it and still has the old barn on it. The trees are apple & the leaves look like the ones in the picture of the last Johnny Appleseed tree up by Savanna. We also live in the area where an apple orchard was supposed to be planted by Johnny down the road from us.Right now the biggest tree has small green apples on it. Not mature yet of course. Thanks for any help.

    Imposible to say. Our tree is offically on a John Chapman owned property and is old enough to be one of the original plantings. The apples Chapman planted would potentially be wildly different from each other.

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Lee G.
Johnny Appleseed tree

The tree arrived in good shape last week. Put it in the ground in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul, MN and it s doing fine