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Jonkheer Van Tets Currant

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Prohibited to (DE,ME,NC,NH&WV, and by permit only to MA and NJ)

This red currant selection from Holland is a heavy producer of large dark red, fine flavored fruit. It is mildew and aphid resistant. Considered by many to be the best flavored red currant variety in the world.

Red currants are among the most beautiful of edible ornamentals. With their full complement of gorgeous red currant clusters, these bushes are stunningly beautiful ornamentals.The attractive fruit and foliage and resistance to mildew and leaf spot make our red currant selections favorites for the edible landscape. Bright, shiny, red clusters of fruit are striking in the garden and they enhance any dish to which they are added. High quality fruit is excellent for jams, jellies and sauces, and it has considerable health benefits, including high quantities of vitamin C and potassium. Red currants are self-fertile. USDA Zones 3-8.

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Size: Bareroot (1-2')


Ask a Question
  • How many chill hours does the Jonkheer Van Tets red current variety need to produce fruit? Thank you!

    800+ chilling hours

  • Are those NON GMO?

    These are non-GMO.

  • I know a lot of people train this variety as a cordon because of its unruly bushy habit, but can you also train it as a standard? Would there be any issue with that? Thank you for your help!

    There is no problem growing it in a standard form. Commerical growing techniques are all about maximizing yield and minimizing labor. In a home setting most commerical growing techniques aren't relevant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very healthy bare root.

This plant came to life within a week of planting, and now after 1 month of growth is very vigorous.

Kristie A.
Currant is growing beautiful

It just took off and doing fine.

My Three Bare Root Currant Plants

Extremely well packed. Still damp when arrived. Socked and planted into pots for later transplant in Northern California. Already in Leaf. Very pleased with everything.

Joannee D.
Jonkheer Van Tets Currant

Absolutely wonderful!!! Much larger and healthier than I was expecting.


Plants looked good but only 2 of them took in the ground. The other 2 stayed alive, hopefully they come back next spring. Little disappointed for the cost that the one didn't make it.