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Ribes x nidigrolaria

BLACK CURRANT-GOOSEBERRY HYBRIDS ARE PROHIBITED TO DE, ME, NC, NJ, WV, VA, MI, MA, OH & RI. Rust resistant varieties may be shipped to OH & MI (with Permit)

A complex cross between European black currant and N. Am. & Euro wild gooseberries, (pronounced yust-a-berry). jostaberries have the vigorous growth habit, the high vitamin C content, and the disease resistance of the black currant. However, the leaves are gooseberry-like and the seedless fruit, until it is ripe, looks like a gooseberry. As it ripens in late June, the oval berry turns almost black. The flavor is sweet like a ripe gooseberry with just a pleasing hint of the stronger currant flavor.

It is early to leaf out each spring, thornless and easy-to-grow; resistant to both powdery mildew and white pine blister rust. It fruits on older wood, so keep the many young shoots on established branches cut short once the bush gets to the size and shape you prefer.  Productive in both sun and shade, it will perform better with some afternoon shade in hotter summer areas. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 3.

Size: 2 Quart Pot


Ask a Question
  • is it pestiferous in western washington?

    It's prety much pest free in Western WA.

  • What are the appropriate height & spread of this josta? Thanks!

    About 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide at maturity.

  • Will it help pollinate another black currant?

    No, Jostaberries are too hybridized to act as a pollinizer for black currants.

  • is this self fertile?

    Yes, Jostaberries are self fertile

  • Why is this prohibited in New Jersey

    Any of the Ribes family can be a carrier of white pine blister rust. Contact your local AG department for more information and possible exception.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary G.

I live in Bellevue and my Jostaberry was strong as a 2nd year plant. Then this happened in the space of three days. I have a Welcome Gooseberry right next to it that was totally unaffected. Still can't figure out what these buggers are.

Cynthia N.

It is looking good. It took time for it to start leafing out. Two leaves have just appeared.

Heather B.
Going crazy in year two

Arrived as a stick with roots and a few little buds (as expected!) and leafed out nicely last year. This year it really wants to take over the entire bed. It’s in a moderately sunny spot (just 6-8 hours sun) and a raised bed to improve drainage in an otherwise soggy corner. The gooseberry and red currant I bought at the same time are doing well but the jostaberry is just taking off!

Ryan R.

Picking my plants up in person was a great decision. The nursery is tucked away in a beautifull location. The people I met there were friendly and professional. I planted my bareroot jostas as soon as i arrived home. Its been a couple weeks now and im happy to see the first emergent growth from my plants. I couldnt be more pleased with the product or with the overall eperience. Thank you Raintree

The biggest surprise is ripening berries in the fridge!

I LOVE THIS BERRY! I have a huge deer and bird problem here in CT. These bushes are untouched by the deer and if I pull the entire crop of them when they are just pinkish and green and the branches are drooping under the weight of the fruit, I can ripen all 27 pounds or so of them in the fridge for a few weeks before I freeze or make jam. This is a zero pectin jam. Nothing troubles the shrub itself . The five of them have been in place now for 9 years. SUPERSTARS!!