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Leikora Seaberry

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Hippophae rhamnoides 'Leikora'

Orange sherbert-colored berries cover the branches and ripen in September on this compact 8'-10' plant. Fruit ripens in September and remains on the plant until heavy frosts. Berries make excellent juice or preserves. This is a female plant, which will require a nearby male for pollination.

Seaberry, also known as Sea Buckthorn, originates from Russia and Central Asia, where it is prized for its edible and nutritious berries. Its thorns make it an ideal hedge plant, and its ability to fix nitrogen helps feed the surrounding plants. The powerfully-flavored berries, which taste like a punch of orange and a hint of guava, are delicious in jams and juice. Hardy in zones 3-8. Wind-pollinated; one male plant will pollinize 6-8 surrounding female plants. 


USDA Zone: 3-8

Grow Height: 14'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August through October

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Size: 1-3' Plant


Ask a Question
  • Which variety of Seaberry pollinize one another? Are all Seaberries either male or female?

    All named varieties, such as this one, are female. Male seaberries are usually sold under the name "male seaberry".

  • How close can we plant Seaberries?

    As close as 6 feet apart is fine. They will eventually spread, but it takes time.

Customer Reviews

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The most healing berry ever!

I have been growing these berries for a while now. Nutrition-wise, they are amazing! The little bush I received recently already has leaves and looks happy! Great company to work with, for sure!