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New orders will begin shipping the week of 5/22; orders containing Bareroot plants will ship by the end of May.
New orders will begin shipping the week of 5/22; orders containing Bareroot plants will ship by the end of May.

Li Jujube

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Zizyphus jujuba 'Li'

One of the few self-fruitful jujubes available in the US! Li offers medium-sized, gorgeous mahogany brown fruits. The fruits average 1" tall, with a stout, barrel shape and a very mild flavor when fresh. Dried, they are sweet and great for use in teas and preserves.

Jujubes are pretty trees with glossy green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn. Called “Chinese Date”, the fruit is very sweet, reddish brown when ripe, 1-1/2” long with a single seed. These thorny, grafted trees will grow to 20’ or more but can be maintained much smaller. They are very productive and early bearing. The fruit needs hot summers to ripen well. In cooler summers pick it half brown and half green and bring it inside to finish ripening. The myth of Zizyphus is that they are all tender subtropicals, but jujubes are hardy down to zone 6.

USDA Zone: 6-10

Grow Height: 18'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Mostly Self Fertile


Size Options: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Do you think this tree could be espaliered?

    Yes, they can be trellised and usually are in commerical culitvation.

  • Can I grow this tree in zone 5? Other websites indicates this type of tree can grow zone 5-10.

    You can, but you might run into issues in colder years with the fruit actually ripening depending on how hot your summers get.

  • Are jujube li trees grafted or not ?

    They are all grafted yes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Veena C.

My Li jujube plant look so healthy and growing well. I’m very happy with purchased.

Waiting for my tree

I ordered a Lang and a Li jujube, but only the Lang was delivered. You email server is out, so I will think positive thoughts and continue to wait to hear good news, please send me the Li jujube that I paid for.

Jeffrey B.

Received jujube with one small root on one and two small roots on the other. I have purchased thousands of plants. These are the smallest root systems i have ever observed on new plants. I will give them the personal touch.

Rick U.
early still but...

It is early still, the tree has yet to leaf out, but it was shipped well, and arrived without being damaged in a bare root state. It was a nice looking tree, with good height and girth, not a sad little stick. Once the weather warms up a little more I will know whether it comes out of dormancy and grows well. I was happy to find this jujube variety, I had a Lang Jujube from another company and needed a second variety for best pollination. Thumbs up so far.

Chinda B.
Very Happy with my orders

I received such Beautiful Healthy Bare root trees, and I m so Happy to see a lot of Healthy roots, I soaked the roots for about 2 hours before planting them. Now I m awaiting to see it sprouts. So excited. Thank you Rain Tree for you Great service and Quality.