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Monstrueuse de Evreinoff Medlar

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Mespilus germanica 'Monstruese de Evreinoff'

The name of this very large-fruited cultivar translates to 'Huge Evreinoff' and refers to the unusually large size of the fruit: 3" and yellow/brown with pinkish-brown flesh. One French collector of medlar trees described the taste as 'pleasant, well balanced between sweet and almost syrupy, with the edge of acidity that delights connoisseurs.' Developed near Montauban, France by M. Evreinoff.

Although little known in the U.S., medlars have been grown in Europe for thousands of years. The unusual, round fruits are collected in the fall, after the first frosts. When picked, the fruits are much too hard to eat immediately. If allowed to ripen for a few weeks in a cool, well-lit place they undergo a process called ‘bletting’ and become soft, spicy and very rich. They can also be left on the tree to blet in many milder winter locations. Enjoy the cinnamon-apple sauce flavor scooped out with a spoon.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Grow Height: 10' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: October/November

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Rootstock: OHxF87

Size: 4'-5' Tree


Ask a Question
  • Do I need to have to Medlar, or just one is enough? I noticed your website says self pollinating but I hear from others that at least two are needed. Would you clarify it for me? Thanks. Ed

    In our experience medlar does fine on it's own. With nearly all self-fertile plants the yield is improved with cross pollination.

  • How many chill hours does it need?

    200+ chilling hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Luke W.
Leafing out like crazy

I cannot express how good this nursery is. Very good customer care and for growing in Georgia they have good shipping times that allow me to get the plants in the ground fast. I ordered over 35 fruit trees and berry bushes and only two have not sent out shoots. I love the diverse selection of this nursery and hope that I can get these plants to grow well in the southern heat.

Katayoun F.
Healthy tree

The tree has already several buds, and healthy root systems. I have planted it two days after receiving it. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Jay S.
Monster Medlar

Plants were in good shape. My existing medlars have had their leaves for a while. The new ones will come along. I can already see the buds starting to enlarge.

Kathy B.
very high quality tree

It took a little time to get the Medlar tree, but well worth waiting for. Very high quality tree.

Audrey A.
Excited to plant a Medlar

Out of the shipping box, the Medlar looks like a strong healthy plant - it's in the ground and hopefully ok in the snow and cold front that has come in.