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Mazzard Cherry Rootstock

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Mazzard is a popular rootstock used in the cultivation of cherry trees. It is a vigorous and hardy rootstock, which means it can tolerate a wide range of soil and weather conditions. Mazzard rootstock is propagated from seedlings and is known for its large, deep-reaching root system, which allows it to anchor the cherry tree and provide it with ample nutrients and water.


Rootstock size: 3/16"

Size: 3/16 Inch


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  • does it make sense to order and plant the rootstock this year and graft the cherry scion next year after the rootstock has had a chance to estabish in the soil? Im in Vermont zone 4

    That is called "topworking" and is an excellent and reliable method if you have the tools and the talent for it.

Customer Reviews

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Wesley L.
Cherry, Apple, and Pear Rootstocks

Rootstocks looked great and healthy with good roots. My only Concern was none of the roots had been wrapped in moist gel or wet sawdust and all roots were completely dried out by the time they got to me. I immediately damped them down and then planted. Now time to wait and see how they do. Thanks